Is Stoicism for the Modern World


Moderne Statue Senecas in seinem Geburtsort Córdoba

I look forward to Friday mornings. Not only does it signal the last leg of the working week but 2 of my favourite podcasts become available, the Guardian Football Weekly Extra and The BBC’s In Our Time.

In Our Time is a 45min show featuring Melvyn Bragg as host and 3 academics who discuss a single topic.

This weeks topic was Seneca the Younger and Stoicism.

Stoicism of late has become the mantra of many self help and business books as on the surface it can be crafted into to sound bites on how to survive the frantic modern world.

On this weeks show the always enthusiastic and equally opinionated Historian Mary Beard tries to counter the new wave entry of Stoicism at the top of pop philosophy by firmly putting Seneca in to historical context.

In Our Time can often be a little difficult to penetrate particularly if Melvyn is a bit of a grump but when it’s good it one of the best educational programmes out there. This week thanks open and lively debate is a cracker.


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